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4 thoughts on “HOW TO POST

  1. Dear , Mrs. Sorensen
    so the book im reading is called you gotta want it by jake paul so basically this book is about reaching your goals jake paul was just regular kid who lived in ohio, jake paul found something he liked to do with his social life he had an account on vine to make funny viedos with his brother logan paul they both had vine they both posted it online jake eventually got famous online jake finally forged his own way when he got oler he now lives in Hollywood California his jounery as an creator and actor jake relates the most with his followers the themes of this book is REACHING GOALS I actually like it because it teaches you how to be reaching goals and to follow your dreams in this book the charatcers are super young people who reached their goal at a very young age the reason why I chosed this book is because it seem very interesting.


  2. Dear Mrs. Sorensen, This term I am reading a book called The Secret History by Donna Tartt. When I first started reading the book it didn’t really catch my eyes. But after a while of reading it, it starts getting better. The beginning is a little slow at first. But once you get to chapter 2 it starts getting interesting. This book is written into two parts. I have not yet finished the book but so far it is really good. The characters are portrayed very well. The plot of the story is amazing. In this book there are some Greek sayings in it. There is also this one character named Bunny and he thinks that all of his friends are made out of money. But one of his friends runs out of money and doesn’t know how to tell Bunny. Bunny is also the very shy one but when he goes on trips with his friends he doesn’t allow them to go do what they want to do. They all have to do what Bunny wants to do. The main plot of this book is about a young adult going to a college called Hampton. He is the type of student who likes to hang around his teachers more. But that is only because he doesn’t have many friends. Once he starts making friends he goes out and does stuff with his friends. He starts meeting new people and going on new adventures. How I think this book will end is kind of happy and sad the reason why I think that is because I feel like some of the friends will disappear and leave their friends behind. They will all go off and do their things and live their adult life. Yes they will still go on adventures if they want but most of them will just stay home or working.


  3. Dear Mrs. Sorensen,
    One of the biggest themes throughout The Picture Of Dorian Gray is the amount of value that is placed on appearance, which is eventually the reason for Dorian’s downfall into vanity. Society places such importance on beauty we don’t even seem to care if someone is lacking intelligence or is lacking morals.Reading this book made me evaluate my own morals and, my feeling towards you and beauty. People say it’s what in the inside that count, but I don’t think people really listen. This book proves that to be true. I think I can say the majority of people prefer and admire Basil Hallward over Dorian. Basil the homely artist, he cares for others and seems to be the only one in the book with any ethics. Basil represents purity and art. Even though in the actual book people don’t see past Dorian Gray’s good looks, as the reader it’s clear who’s the better of the two. Everyone in the book almost seems oblivious to Dorian’s actions and his true color, which almost makes the whole thing feel like satire. Reading this I couldn’t help but wonder what inspired Dorian Gray. Is Dorian Gray what everyone aspires to be, but we’re too scared to admit to it? As I stated earlier society and people place such high value on beauty, but are the consequences of vanity really worth it? One of the reasons I appreciate this novel is the fact that it makes us look at our own decisions. As individuals and a society.
    Maddi Schmunk


  4. Dear Mrs. Sorensen,
    This quarter I read paper towns by John Green. One thing I must say about this book is that it totally blew me away that I enjoyed it as much as I did. I have never been much of a reader at all. Ever since I’ve been forced to read in school I have despised reading. I feel like the reason why is because I haven’t been able to find an author that I can find intriguing or relate to. John Green is now my new favorite author because I love his writing style. I feel like if I were to write a book this is how it would be. I can relate to the main character of the book on a spiritual level. I can even relate to all the other characters because I am the same age as them. I’m about to be a senior in high school with my very small friend group in a traditional American high school.
    I really like the scenes towards the end of the book because some of the moments Q had really hit home. The theories John Green had about life that he was laying across the pages made sense to me. I honestly took these theories very seriously and re-thought my life a little bit. There were some times where his theory was so complicated I may have gotten a little lost, but for the most part the whole book made total sense to me for once. I don’t think there is a sequel to this book, but I know that I am definitely going to read the rest of the books by John Green. I’m glad I found this author because maybe now I can finally get into reading and enjoy some books.


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