Native Son Context Presentation
  1. Go to
    1. Someone in your group will need to use their google (gmail) account to create the presentation. If everyone in your group has a google account, GREAT! SHARE THE PRESENTATION with each member of your group. This way you can work on it from home or anywhere that has the internet. There is also a free app for your phone: Google Slides by Google, Inc.
  2. Create a new presentation. Your presentation must have the following:
    1. 6 slides (last slide is the Works Cited slide).
    2. Address the topic your group chose.
    3. Have a clever and effective introduction and conclusion.
    4. Cite the sources and have a Works Cited slide at the end.
  3. Consider the following rubric as you prepare your presentation:
Presentation Rubric.JPG
A day classes will present on Thursday, April 6.
B day classes will present on Friday, April 7.
The Red Scare (in the U.S.)
South Side Chicago
     -Segregation/ghettos/housing policies
     -Hyde Park
The Great Migration
     -The Black Belt
     -The Harlem Renaissance
     -NAACP in the 1930’s
Scottsboro Boys
     -Who they were and what happened to them
     -similar cases or incidents
Richard Wright
     -Literary career
     -Ties to Communism
Naturalism (literary movement)
     -Major Authors
(Untitled) Boxer, 1982 by Jean-Michel Basquiat

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