Welcome back from Spring Break . . . we are going to jump right into term 4! Here is what we will be doing during our last few months together this school year:

1. Silent Reading. At the beginning of class, everyday. You will be given 80 points for doing this, and can keep all your points if you actually read at the beginning of class.

2. Daily Writing. At the beginning of class everyday after Silent Reading, we will write for 10 minutes. Find a description of this assignment HERE.

3. Class Literature Study. This term we will be reading and studying F. Scott Fitzgerald’s 1925 novel The Great Gatsby. Find the reading schedule and assignment for annotation (sticky notes or in the book) HERE. You will also be expected to participate in seminar-like discussions following the reading of the book.

4. Multi-Draft Writing. This term we will be focusing on argument writing.

5. Writer’s Notebook In Class Assignments. Periodically we will turn in our Writer’s Notebooks and get points for doing those assignments in class. On the days we turn them in, we will go through the accompanying checklist.

6. Independent Reading Requirement. Find a book you ENJOY reading and read it this term. We will be commenting on discussion boards here on our class website again, at the end of the term.

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