*A commentary is a contribution to the discussion of a literary text. Essentially, you are responding to the text with your thoughts, impressions, and things that you have questions about. What did you notice? What stands out to you? What do you like or not like? What did you agree or disagree with?

Please write a one-page* commentary on Hamilton: An American Musical. It may be either handwritten or typed (if typed, please stick to standard MLA formatting: 12pt Times New Roman font, double spaced). The notes you took while listening to Hamilton will be very useful in writing your commentary. Check PowerSchool for due date.

*It can be more than one page, if you want. 

Sentence starters: (if you’re having a hard time thinking of things to write about)
I wonder . . .
When this song/part/line/character says . . . it makes me think of . . .
Some similarities I saw in the songs . . .
When this character . . . it made me think/feel . . .
I can relate to how this character . . .
I liked/didn’t like how . . .  was emphasized because . . .
Hearing this line/song/part reminded me of . . .



For an example of a commentary, see the one below by Mrs. Sorensen on Langston Hughes’ poem, Harlem:

Commentary Example


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