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You will be writing a commentary on the book you will have finished for the Independent Reading Requirement this term. Post the commentary and your reply to someone else’s commentary on CANVAS! (slcschools.instructure.com –login: first name . last initial last 3 numbers in school ID @slcstudents.org –password: your usual password)

Requirements of this assignment:
-Each commentary should be at least 300 words long and written as a personal, critical response to the book
-Select at least one passage from your book that you think is significant, in terms of how you reacted to the book’s theme, problem, character development, or plot arc, or to the author’s style. Choose a chunk of text that you think shows something essential. In your commentary, quote—copy—the passage you chose, and write about what you think it shows about the book, the author, or your response to either.
-Cite the name of the author of the book and its title.
-Also write a 100 word response to another person’s commentary.

4 thoughts on “B 3/4 Book Commentary Discussion Term 1

  1. So i read this crazy thriller novel over the weekend called The Cellar, i honestly don’t know where to start because it’s so crazy and really long. Though it did take time to read this novel, it was completely worth it, it was so suspenseful and always kept me on edge wanting to know what’s next. Since it has different points of views from different characters you can really see why or how everything that was happening in the book it gave really good details. When you look at the cover of this book it doesn’t seem super inviting or interesting but when you read the back about what the book is kinda about it pulls you in for sure. Since this book has a lot of gore and detailed points of views, sometimes during the book i found myself wanting to skip some parts because it was either too violent or sad, i’m not entirely saying this is a bad thing in fact it’s actually good because it shows how well the author can write and how in depth she can go. You can literally just picture whats going on and feel what the characters are going through, it gets you amped up for what’s about to happen. ‘’ Lily?’’ ‘’No. Sorry i’m not Lily’’ he shook his head, a satisfied grin on his face. ‘’ No.you are Lily’’. That right there was half of what was written on the back of the book and to me that’s what pulled me in, i mean it clearly shows a psychopath who’s about to kidnap this girl and god knows what could possibly happen next!! And honestly it’s so crazy and just unexplainable about what happens and that’s what made this such a good page turner novel, yes it was long but worth the read!
    sabah nisar


    1. There was a lot of hype about this book a couple years ago but I never actually finished it. Like you said, it contains very gory and frankly, disgusting descriptions of sensitive subjects like kidnap and rape. However, my main issue with this book wasn’t the descriptions themselves but the purpose for which they were written, which, I couldn’t really find a good reason for. I feel like a lot of books use those descriptions to provide a deeper revelation about like, the nature of the universe or to be a moral detective, but as far as I could tell, this book didn’t have anything like that. The whole premise of the novel just seemed really perverse to me. In my opinion, the best way to write a novel is to find the story that hasn’t been told and tell that story in a unique way that provides unique insight. This book explored dark subjects for no reason at all other than to give the reader a thrill. I myself have never been a fan of thriller and horror books or any media that is created for the thrill of participating in the experience. I can’t find any good reason to want to scare or otherwise disturb myself, so maybe I just don’t see the appeal of reading something like this, and maybe I never will. If that’s the case, then there really wasn’t any need for me to respond to your commentary; but if there’s a deeper meaning in this book that you saw that I just somehow didn’t catch, feel free to let me know.


  2. I read the story is called Ties that Bind and Break. I don’t know how to start is three week ago I finished this book the story was touch my feel also my whole life I go through those steps. In 1911 the family from China they have five family. Never has a girl who bound their feet everyday she grow up with poor family no matter what she loves her family everyday her dad go in land and farm and work for government land she also have two sister is the cutest their pick both of them husband but someone their parents annoyed them one day they go to school see the boy feeling in love with him but by that time their parents don’t have money to pay for her to go to school she have a uncle who go to school told them a word that they learn make their self-joyful in a movement. one day she meets with two missionaries they from California San Francisco talk about bible. The day she has a chance to go to school her dad pays for her the first day for school she meets ESL teacher her name is Miss Gilbert-son she is a nice teacher give her name Eileen which is foreign name everyday she learns new word. When she go home her dad is In pain don’t have medication like pill working every day the government threat now what to take our land and whatever he do or working government is not paid him anymore after six week her dad is die after the month no one is going to pay for her to go to school uncle told her I don’t have enough money to pay for you so after the day she go to school told her teacher I am going drop out in school cause my family don’t have money to paid for me which her teacher is loyal Miss Gilbert-son say to her I can help you to tutorials right by after school. Her big uncle was planning for her in the further to married some farm guy women with big feet? Why government is destroyed us village even we are the same color? No one understand what just happened her family’s no food no money what would do if is you? After missionary going back to their home he asks her if she want to go but is hard to ask a Parent authority the day she ask her sister is not home so tomorrow she leave had no time for bro to say. I feel this story is simply for the people in fear even they are not rich one time my friend had no money but the teacher is understanding like Miss Gilbert-son. Next book I will read is TOKYO GHOUL. 


  3. The book I have been reading or almost finished was Monster by Walter Dean Myers which is to start of a really good book. Some reasons this book is good would be because of the way it’s written from the perspective of a young black male who is the same age as I am. I like how he explains everything that is going on while it’s happening to him. It shows a few flashbacks which I thought helped me visualize better what happened to him that got him the trial he is awaiting. Since I’m reading the graphic novel it helps me with the pictures so I can actually see what’s happening. I do like how it goes back and forth between him going through his trial and then flashbacks on how he got the trial. I do wish I could’ve read the actual book instead of the graphic novel. Throughout the story I there would be times when I wouldn’t know when it was a flashback and when it was present time so that would confuse me. The main character Steve Harmon has a trial for robbery which is a huge case in the real world. It tells you that he doesn’t remember where he was before he did the robbery so you get a bit confused at the beginning of the first few chapters. Overall this book is really good I would recommend it to someone that is into crime books or drama books. Walter Dean Myers the author did a great job on making a book for teens that are going through what the main character was going through. He is a good author and has other great books. I didn’t quit finish the book I had a few pages left but what I read was good and interesting. B-3/4 Ivan Oliva


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