LINK FOR HANDOUT HERE–> Why Shakespeare- Guided Notes


“Shakespeare is Everywhere” by Christopher Gaze, TEDxVancouver


“Hip-Hop & Shakespeare” by Akala


(If that doesn’t work, try this link:








Optional Extension activity: (If there is time in class, we MIGHT do this, NOT required). 

Think of a line from a poem or song that is in iambic pentameter. Write your line below.

*Iambic Pentameter is made up of two words, where pentameter is a combination of ‘pent,’ which means five, and ‘meter,’ which means to measure. Iambic, on the other hand, is a metrical foot in poetry in which a stressed syllable is followed by an unstressed syllable. It means iambic pentameter is a beat or foot that uses 10 syllables in each line. Simply, it is a rhythmic pattern comprising five iambs in each line, like five heartbeats.

*Example from a song from when I was in high school (stressed syllables are in all caps):

His PALMS are SWEATy, KNEES weak, ARMS are HEAVy
There’s VOmit ON his SWEATer alREADy, mom’s spaGHETTi
He’s NERVous, but ON the SURFace he LOOKS calm and READy. 


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