Native Son Context Presentation
In order to better understand the America in Richard Wright’s 1940 novel Native Son, we will be doing a little bit of background research in small groups, and then sharing that research with the whole class.
  1. Go to OR Microsoft Office Online:
    1. Someone in your group will need to use their Google or Office account to create the presentation. EVERYONE IN GROUP USE THE SAME THING– EITHER GOOGLE SLIDES OR OFFICE POWER POINT. Then, SHARE THE PRESENTATION with each member of your group. This way anyone in the group can work on it from home or anywhere that has the internet.
  2. Create a new presentation. Your presentation must have the following:
    1. 6 slides (last slide is the Works Cited slide).
    2. Address the topic your group chose.
    3. Have a clever and effective introduction and conclusion.
    4. Cite the sources and have a Works Cited slide at the end.
  3. Consider the following rubric as you prepare your presentation:
Presentation Rubric.JPG
A day classes will present on Thursday, 19 April.
B day classes will present on Wednesday, 18 April.
The Red Scare (in the U.S.– the first one)
South Side Chicago
     -Segregation/ghettos/housing policies
     -Hyde Park
The Great Migration
     -The Black Belt
     -The Harlem Renaissance
     -NAACP in the 1930’s
Scottsboro Boys
     -Who they were and what happened to them
     -similar cases or incidents
Richard Wright
     -Literary career
     -Ties to Communism
Naturalism (literary movement)
     -Major Authors
Jim Crow Laws in the 1930’s
Influence of Native Son
-in popular culture
-references to it in other works or by other artists  (who did this novel inspire?)
-people’s reactions to Native Son

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