YOUR American Experience HHS 2017-2018

HIGHLAND HIGH SCHOOL, SALT LAKE CITY, UT. 2017-2018. Please consider sharing your American Experience project in the comment section below. As we work together to construct a collective American identity, let it be one that recognizes us as individuals and values our experiences as part of the narrative. Who lives, who dies, who tells your … Continue reading YOUR American Experience HHS 2017-2018

Writing About An Experience (Narrative)

THIS POST IS FOR THE "NARRATIVE WRITING" AND "CRAFTING A SCENE" ASSIGNMENTS:    NARRATIVE WRITING PART 1 Answer the following 2 questions about 2 of the narrative writing examples below: Write a short response to the narrative. What are some of the conventions of the narrative genre that you see in this piece of writing? … Continue reading Writing About An Experience (Narrative)

Using Sources in Your Writing

PART 1 Sample Research Paper American Pop Culture Sample Research Article/Essay NYT SAMPLE ESSAYS One of the essays is a sample student paper, and another is an article from The New York Times news website. Both are examples of researching a topic and using sources (SOURCES = OUTSIDE INFORMATION OR IDEAS) in conveying information and … Continue reading Using Sources in Your Writing

2018 Native Son Reading Schedule

Native Son Reading Schedule Native Son by Richard Wright Term 4 Spring 2018 The novel is divided into three sections or books: “Fear,” “Flight,” and “Fate.” In order to make your reading assignments a bit more manageable, we have divided each book into two reading assignments. The page numbers below are for the 2005 Harper … Continue reading 2018 Native Son Reading Schedule

Native Son Context Presentation

Native Son Context Presentation In order to better understand the America in Richard Wright's 1940 novel Native Son, we will be doing a little bit of background research in small groups, and then sharing that research with the whole class. DIRECTIONS Go to OR Microsoft Office Online: Someone in your group will need to use … Continue reading Native Son Context Presentation

Why Shakespeare?

LINK FOR HANDOUT HERE--> Why Shakespeare- Guided Notes   "Shakespeare is Everywhere" by Christopher Gaze, TEDxVancouver   "Hip-Hop & Shakespeare" by Akala   (If that doesn't work, try this link:       SHAKESPEARE MUSICAL CHAIRS (HAMLET VERSION) QUOTES HERE --> Hamlet Musical Chairs       Optional Extension activity: (If there is time in … Continue reading Why Shakespeare?

Critically Examining Both Sides of An Issue (Thoreau)

Find texts here: 1. Read “Civil Disobedience” once silently to yourself. Write down a few thoughts/reactions. 2. Agree or Disagree: We should not follow rules or laws that are unjust. Short answer in WN. 3. In order to better understand and critically analyze a text, we first need to “play the believing game”-- or understand … Continue reading Critically Examining Both Sides of An Issue (Thoreau)